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One-stop certification

In the Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Engineering field, CERTITA offers its customers a one-stop service solution thanks to the extensive scope of its activities. Certification applications become much simpler.

A single entry point provides access to all the required types of reference standards on the market. Voluntary or regulatory certifications, national or European marks, third party certifications or quality labels: CERTITA offers the appropriate solutions for every situation to help you promote product quality.

A full certification programme

CERTITA operates an evaluation programme for products, manufacturing processes and controls, based on the recognised industry standards. 
In particular the programme includes an initial evaluation by means of a factory audit and product testing. Following certification, we operate a surveillance programme to verify that the certified products continue to perform to the same standards. 
Dedicated to HVACR and supported by the expertise of its shareholders, CERTITA has access to a network of competencies enabling assured consistency in its evaluations.
CERTITA is also a member of AFOCERT, the French Association of Certification Bodies for Construction Products (

Benchmark certification marks

CERTITA manages recognised marks and labels. Assurances of competitiveness, these benchmarks constitute real assets for manufacturers and generate confidence for the market.

Concrete points of reference, the marks help strengthen the reputation of HVACR products.
  • NF

    The most widely known voluntary certification mark in France, issued by CERTITA, under the mandate of AFNOR Certification, for 11 product families, with reference to French and European standards. The certification process is based on an initial evaluation of the products and quality management system by means of tests and audits; after certification, a surveillance process is initiated including follow-up audits and tests on samples taken at the factory.

  • In the field of construction products, CSTBat Certification attests in particular to the conformity of the products in question and of the relevant quality control system with the Technical Assessments issued by the CSTB for these products and with the CSTBat Reference Standard. It is a preferred means for manufacturers to demonstrate that their products are compliant with the applicable construction rules.
    CERTITA issues the CSTBat Mark, under licence to CSTB, in the fields of Solar Heating and Ventilation.

  • The Keymark is a European Mark attesting to conformity with European Product Standards.
    CERTITA is authorised by the CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) to issue this mark (under number 016) in particular for Domestic Solar Water Heaters (Solar Keymark) and Milk Coolers. This certification is a valuable addition to the NF Mark for export markets where Keymark is recognised.

  • The Green Flame Label (  covers wood-burning heating appliances and wood-fired boilers produced by manufacturers who are signatories of the corresponding Quality Charter and whose products meet the specified requirements in terms of efficiency and pollutant emission levels. It is managed by the French Renewable Energy Association and supported by ADEME (French Environment & Energy Management Agency). CERTITA intervenes on behalf of Flamme Verte in particular with regard to management of labelled products by verifying the necessary data for updating these product lists.

  • CERTITA is a body notified under number 2270 by the Ministry of Ecology, in respect of the Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC, for certification of factory production control of metal and plastic chimney products.
    This certification is required in order to be able to affix the regulatory CE Mark for the products in question, with reference to the harmonised European standards.

  • MCS

    MCS is a mark of quality for the UK market and demonstrates compliance to industry standards that companies strive to meet. It highlights to consumers that companies are able to consistently manufacture to the highest quality every time.

    Eurovent Certita Certification is authorised by the Department of Energy and Climate Change to deliver the MCS for heat pumps after verifications on tests on units and audits of factories.